Przemyslaw Perlikowski

Current Projects (PI)

OPUS 2016-2019 Mitigation of vibrations by tuned mass damper with inerter and non-linear damper

Members of group:
  • Dr inz. Piotr Brzeski
  • Dr inz. Mateusz Lazarek
  • Vacanses:

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    Finished Projects (PI)

    Iuventus Plus 2015-2017 Tuned mass damper with inerter which enables changes of inertance

    Members of group:
  • Dr inz. Piotr Brzeski
  • Mgr inz. Mateusz Lazarek


    Finished Projects (Scientific Advisor)

    Etiuda 2016-2017 Energy transfer in systems of coupled oscillators

  • PI - Dr inz. Piotr Brzeski
  • Sonata 2014-2017 Estimation of energy harvesting in pendulum vibration absorbers

  • PI - Dr inz. Krzysztof Kecik